About us

SIA “Artmetāls” was established in 1990.

By 2019 we have implemented hundreds of construction sites located not only in Latvia, but also in France, Sweden and Norway.

The company specialises in manufacturing steel structures of different types such as:

- hangars;

- public buildings;

- multi-story houses;

- trade centres;

- sporting premises;

- industrial premises.

The main products of our company are structural steelwork, which is the foundation and the load-bearing frame of buildings.

We are offering a wide range of services – from the development of a detailed steelwork design and manufacturing of the products to on-site installation.

This includes:

- development of a detailed steelwork design;

- semiautomatic MIG, TIG, MMA gas metal arc welding;

- plasma, laser cutting;

- hot galvanizing of metal;

- shotblasting of metal;

- painting of steelworks by the airless spraying method using different primers and paints recommended for steelworks.

Every year Artmetāls completes several dozens of orders providing its customers with a reliable foundation for their planned buildings and structures.

The manufacturing process has incoming and outgoing quality control, i.e. verification of geometrical parameters, visual, ultrasound and magnetic control of welded seams, the quality of preparation and anti-corrosion processing of the surface, etc.

Steelwork is produced only by trained, qualified and attested specialists.